16 Foreigners Removed from Virus Isolation in China!

Source: China Daily

A total of 16 Malaysians and Bolivians, who were under observations in Tianjin, have confirmed to be in healthy condition and their 14-day observation has been completed Sunday morning.

They gave the warmest hugs to doctors from Dongli Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Tianjin, to express their sincere thanks for their medical assistance during the past 14 days.

From Jan 25, 13 crew members from Malindo Air Flight Number OD688 from Sabah, Malaysia, to Tianjin, and three Bolivian passengers,were directly arranged to be under isolation, after arriving in Binhai International Airport.

Because two passengers from Wuhan, the epidemic center, had fever on the flight, so the total of 71 Chinese and international passengers and crew members on the flight were isolated at a hotel in Dongli district, Tianjin, since Jan 25.

Later the two passengers from Wuhan were confirmed as having the novel coronavirus pneumonia.

Their isolation triggered international concern, as foreign media reporters joined local journalists to conduct interviews.

The 13 crew members left China Sunday; and the three Bolivians -- two children and their father, will come with the mother, who was born in Tianjin and was also on the flight, to see their grandparents in Tianjin.

The Bolivian family came here to celebrate the Spring Festival and they will say a late greeting to their grandparents.

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