3 Online Classes to Keep Your Child Engaged Over the Long Break

So your childs school re-opening date has been delayed... now what? Many parents of children studying in international and bilingual schools have no doubt been caught off guard by the sudden change in holiday plans.

But not to worry, because theres plenty of ways to keep your child actively engaged in their education over the break. Why not use the most of your extra time off so that your children can get the most out of it? So while classes are out, theres no better time to continue your childs educational journey than with online classes. 

If youre looking to help your child progress their education, study abroad and discover their dreams with the help of online classes, look no further than BE Education. With expertise in international classes and one-on-one customized courses for 17 years, BE Education helps enhance students international education prospects. Along with offering professional international education consulting and counseling services, BE Education introduces professional, systematic and comprehensive online courses to internationally-minded families nationwide!

BE Educations courses are divided into various curriculum systems and grades, including English reading improvement, international school admission preparation, international curriculum counseling, standardized study preparation and so much more.

Here are are a few BE Education online courses you can try out right now...

1. International Admissions Preparation (IAP)

BEs International Admissions Preparation (IAP) Course has been designed to prepare local students to apply for admission to international schools in China. There are three main aims:

To increase students overall English level, with regards to the entrance exam format.

Consolidate maths knowledge in English.

Understand interview format and best practice.

This course is ideal for students who want to apply for an international school in China and/or those who want to improve their general English level in preparation for an ESL exam. This course is not following an international curriculum.

The IAP course is designed by tutors with years of experience preparing students specifically for entrance exams. Teaching materials include Cambridge and Oxford published textbooks, supplemented by BEs own unique worksheets, activities and presentations. The course is focused on the most important elements of English grammar, reading comprehension, writing and areas of mathematics.

2. BE Book Club

BE Education offers six-month Book Clubs that aim to introduce students to a wide variety of genres and literature writing styles in the English language. The courses are divided up into two age groups: 8-10 years old and 10-12 years old.

Throughout the course, students will study classic novels while gaining critical analyzing and creative writing skills along the way. Assignments for each reading are fun and varied, including writing stories, creating new characters, developing and performing plays, creating marketing or advertising campaigns and so much more.

BE Education has carefully selected English-language reading materials from the most popular book lists of all ages in British primary and secondary schools, including:

Sherlock Holmes (mystery)

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (fantasy)

A Wrinkle in Time (science fiction)

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, The Secret Garden (mythology)

Holes, Treasure Island (adventure)

3. International Courses

All other BE Education courses can all be delivered online, including core classes (Key Stage 2 & 3, GCSE, A Level), electives (including General English Improvement ESL) and test prep (TOEFL, SAT, ACT, Ukiset, ISEB, IELTS and more).

Core classes offer personalized tuition and tailor-made lesson plans, with specialized resources and unique materials designed for Chinese students. Additionally, these classes offer flexible online/offline teaching to fit your schedule.

Elective classses can increase cultural awareness and international outlook by fostering an independent mind and developing critical thinking skills.

Test prep classes offer a variety of evaluation and assessment methods specially designed for pre-testing. BE Educations experienced team of accomplished, international teachers will guide students through an extensive catalogue of past papers and custom curricula to make sure they have the best resources available for their exams.

Why BE Education?

BE Academy provides expert tutoring for international curricula and language proficiency tests to primary and middle school students aspiring to go to overseas institutions. They are an official testing center for the Common Entrance and UKiset, and at the same time, work closely with other exam boards.

BE Educations mission from day one has been to create a brighter future for their students through education. They support students development by offering subject specific preparation to help them prepare for entrance examinations and more. The results speak for themselves; BEs track record in China is second to none as they attract more and more capable students to their centers each year.

Its a personalised Second School with offline and online learning presented by a highly qualified teaching team. BE Educations stellar teaching team comprises professional educators from the United Kingdom, United States and beyond. With degrees from prestigious institutions around the globe, BE Educations brilliant teachers conduct lessons covering a range subjects, including English, History, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Music and more.

BE Educations virtual tutoring programs are fixed every half term, ensuring flexibility for its students each and every semester.

Case Studies

Here are the stories of two outstanding BE Education students who successfully entered the international school programs.


Bob studied at Jiangning Lu Elementary School in Shanghai, receiving average grades. Wanting to interview with a top international school in China for the first time, Bob, who had always been good at math, couldnt understand the English-language test questions or his teachers questions.

In order to enter his dream school, Bob began receiving targeted international school curriculum tutoring. For two consecutive months, Bob studied English and mathematics with BE Education every day after school.


The all-English teaching environment at BE Education greatly improved Bobs English listening and speaking skills. In just two months and over 80 hours of instruction, his math test paper scores increased over 60 points. After a second interview at his dream school, the admissions representative gave him an offer.

Student J

Like many public school students, Student J had almost no opportunity to speak English on a regular basis. In order to help Student J accumulate new English vocabulary, BE Education teachers helped her record new words encountered during readings; guess the meaning of new words by learning root affixes; expand learning of synonyms and antonyms, related adverbs, verbs and adjectives; and use new vocabulary to create sentences, design dialogues and perform real-world situations.


After just one year, Student J naturally used the new vocabulary skillfully in her writing and, as a result, her understanding of reading materials improved significantly. Her math and science skills have progressed through years of constant practice.

In the end, Student J received offers from five well-known British womens schools thanks to her excellent grades and interview performance: Wycombe Abbey, Cheltenham Ladies College, Bonnet Benenden School, Downe House and St. Marys Calne.

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