Wuhan Virus: >1300 confirmed, Shanghai impose toughest measures.

Source: China Daily, People's Daily, SCMP, Xinhua, BBC, ABC, JobTube, Majdi 

Major News 

The total number of reported confirmed cases has jumped from 896 as of Jan 24 23:00 to more than 1300 cases as of Jan 25 09:00. 

PLA Army Medics Head to Wuhan

Medical staff from three military medical universities and their affiliated hospitals of the People's Liberation Army were headed to Wuhan to fight the pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus there.

USD Confirmed Second Case

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Friday confirmed a second US case of the new coronavirus from China in a Chicago woman, and said as many as 63 potential cases were being investigated. 

The 60-year-old woman from Chicago had traveled to Wuhan in December and returned Jan 13.

Beijing closes tourist attractions 

The Palace Museum; Prince Kung's Mansion; National Library of China National Art Museum and National Museum of China will be closed temporarily closing its doors because of the need to control the new coronavirus pneumonia disease. The re-opening date will be announced later. 

Spring Festival fairs in Beijing's Ditan Park and Longtan Park, have been cancelled.  People have also been stopped from visiting the capital's Peking University and Tsinghua University.

The Capital Museum said the institution will continue to open during the Spring Festival, but all public lectures, education programs, and lunar New Year fairs at the location will no longer be held.

Shanghai imposes highest emergency 

[Shine] Shanghai imposes highest public-health emergency. 

People from key infected areas will be isolated and undergo 14-day observation. 

Health screenings are being conducted at all road entrances to Shanghai and all large public activities have been suspended, 

Shanghai Disney Resort and Shanghai Tower have announced their indefinite closure. Shanghai Jin Mao Tower, closed its observatory on the 88th floor on Friday. Other popular tourist sites in Pudong, including the China Art Museum, the Modern Art Museum Shanghai, Pudong Library and former residence of Fu Lei, also closed on Friday. The Aurora Museum will close its doors from Monday.

All parks that are A-level tourist attractions such as Shanghai Botanical Garden and Guyi Garden are closed.

The Sheshan National Forest Park, Jiabei Countryside Park and Gucun Park are also on the closure list.

The Yuyuan Garden Lantern Festival was called to a halt on Friday. 

Shanghai Happy Valley will close from Saturday. Shanghai Great World, also known as Dashijie, was closed from Friday. 

The Zhouqiao scenic area has closed from Friday and cancelled its Lantern Festival activities scheduled on February 8 and 9.

The Shanghai Library has also closed temporarily and delayed its reading events.

Education authorities in Shanghai have banned schools in the city from hosting large group activities and ask training organizations to suspend offline operations until a new coronavirus-related pneumonia epidemic is contained.

The Shanghai Education Commission asks all primary and secondary schools not to organize offline teaching or other activities and to cancel all campus activities during the winter vacation.

Shanghai's greenery authorities and market watchdogs closed 40 pet shops in Shanghai and halted the trade in birds and other wild animals at three markets on Friday to curb the spread of the coronavirus infection.

No Global Health Emergency Announced

[WHO] The World Health Organization has determined that the outbreak of the coronavirus across China is not yet a global health emergency a rare designation the agency gives outbreaks that pose an international risk.

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