Top 11 Social Media Channels in China

Since you are living in China and many Western Social Media sites are banned in China, you are probably wondering which Chinese Social Network platforms are good to make new friends and stay social in China, right? 

The GiC team has the latest on Chinas hot social media sites.

1. Sina Weibo

It is a Twitter-like platform where people share updated news, gossip, and share daily life through text, photos, video, and long articles. The APP allows you to easily share this news with friends.

2. Douyin

Douyin, also called Tik Tok, is an app that enables its users to create short videos with funky special effects, and then share it on the Douyin platform.

There is a wide range of effects allowing users to create funny, original, and videos through stickers, distorting appearance, frames, slow motion, music and much much more! The APP is very popular for lip syncing to the biggest hits or even dancing like a superstar.

For members of the general public, Douyin can help with earning money. First of all, posting ads on Douyin is free. If you have a large number of followers, they'll naturally come to you when they see your ads. It is a good platform for individuals to build their reputation, for example, modeling agencies or business headhunters may come looking for you through DouyinDouyin also a zero-cost platform for small businesses to promote their products. If you have enough followers on your Douyin account, advertising your online shop or start-up is very easy and effective.

3. WeChat 

This one shouldnt be too much of a surprise and it doesnt need much introduction. 

Basically, everyone in China uses WeChat to communicate with friends. It uses applications such as mini-programs, games, WeChat pay, Moments,  and allows people to buy products and tune into their subscriptions for articles on updated news, entertainment, and guidance like your favoriteGuideinChina.

4. Momo

You can get to know people nearby through Momo. Momo can help expand your social circle beyond your current circle of friends and acquaintances. You can meetup people you are interested in on momo anytime and anywhere.

5. Little Red Book 

Do you know how Zhang Ziyi (a mainland movie actress) achieved her trademark V-shaped face? If you want to buy facial masks, which product is better?

There is one handy place you can find the answers to all these questions - the Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book or RED).  People will share the thing they buy, food, drinks, travel, basic life, and even shopping and coupon tips.

Chinese social e-commerce shopping startup Little Red Book has raised a $300 million in investment led by internet giant Alibaba, with visions of an estimated $3-billion valuation, Chinese media reported.

6. Douban

Douban is a community site. The site, which began as a collection of books and videos, provides information about books, movies, music, and other user-generated content (UGC).

It also provides audiobook recommendations and offline activities, group communication, and other service functions. Its more like a taste system (reading, movies, music), the expression system (I read, I see, I hear), and communication system (city, group, friends) in the integration of innovation network services. Committed to helping the city crowd find useful things.

7. Zhihu

It is like the Chinese version Quora. Zhihu is an online Q&A community that connects users from all walks of life.

Users share knowledge, experience and insights, providing a continuous stream of diverse information for the Chinese Internet.

8.  Tantan

Tantan is an interactive social dating APP based on big data intelligent recommendation. Tantan calculates accounts based on the user's profile, location, interests, and hobbies to communite with those within your vicinity who match.

9. Dianping 

Dianping is China's leading local life information and trading platform. Dianping not only provides users with information services such as merchant information, consumer reviews and consumer discounts but also provides O2O (Online To Offline) trading services such as group purchase, restaurant reservation, takeout and e-membership card.

10. QQ

QQ and WeChat are all from Tencent company. Tencent QQ supports online chat, video call, point to point breakpoint continuous transmission of files, shared files, network hard disk, custom panel, QQ mailbox and other functions. It is also used to connect to a variety of communication terminals.

11. Meituan

Do you use any other social media platforms in China, share your favorites below!

Editor: Crystal H

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