They Detained for 5 DAYS After Taking Nudes in Amusement Park

A man and woman who took pornographic photos and videos at a children's amusement park on New Year's Eve and published them online were given five days in detention, authorities said on Monday.

The 31-year-old photographer and his 20-year-old model went aboard the Parachute Drop, a 19-metre (62 feet)-high ride at Fengling Children's Park at Nanning in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, local police and park officials said.

They shot images and shared them on their social media accounts.

Each was given a five-day detention - Zhang for exposing herself and Xue for publishing pornography online, a police statement said.

No other visitors were on the ride when the couple were there, and staff did not see what was going on overhead, the statement from park officials said.

Staff learned what had happened after a complaint from a tourist who saw Xue and Zhang's posts on WeChat.

The park said the couple were involved in an "organised, planned publicity stunt". It also pledged to take legal action against the pair, condemning them for violating social norms and damaging the atmosphere of the amusement park.

Source: SCMP

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