Spring Festival WeChat Tricks to Animate Your Chat Threads!


Every New Year, WeChat reveals Easter eggs to get the crowds excited, and this year was no exception!

Below are a few messages you can copy-paste into chats to make your WeChat experience a bit more festive and interactive!

Master these and youll be crowned 2020s Spring Festival WeChat most talkative person!!!


Happy Spring Festival, 

(you can copy and paste it)

These emojis will fall into the chat dialog!



or type 

These emojis will fall into the chat dialog!


WeChat red packets can be added to your DIY GIF collection using your own facial expression!

Its pretty easy and straightforward. Heres how:

1.  Click on Record your own stickers (Celebrate with new Spring Festival effects)

2. Choose the emoji you like and record away! 

You can then use send your GIFs to WeChat friends as a special greeting and even integrate it into your red packets!

For example:

If you want to use your own DIY GIFs for red packets, then click on Red packet

Choose the amount youd like to send and add your GIF in the middle:

After your friends receive and see your cute DIY GIFs, maybe you'll get more red packets from them. Who knows... Just give it a try and see how it goes!


If you have the latest update of WeChat 7.0.9 installed on your phone, you may have noticed a brand new feature!

You can scan the items and check the information about it.

WeChat - discover - Scan - item

For example:

Hurry up and try it on your own phone today! 

And dont forget to share this news with your friends so they can do it in your chat threads! 

On behalf of the GiCexpat team, I wish you a wonderful Chinese New Year holiday and 2020 ahead.

Editor: Crystal H


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