New Shanghai Bars and Restaurants: January 2020

Here are all the restaurant and bar openings we featured in our January 2020 magazine issue.


Pass Residence

Image by Cristina Ng/That's

Italy is home to numerous winemakers who eschew additives in their wines, so the only surprise is that it has taken this long for a natural wine bar in Shanghai to pair with Italian food. Thanks to Pass Residence, Oha Groups latest venture, that problem has been rectified. Located on Julu Lu, its a cafe by day and low lit atmospheric Italian wine bar by night. The well-curated list includes the usual suspects antipasti, pizza, greens on flatbread, pasta, risotto and dessert. The food is meant for sharing, and one pizza or pasta per person, plus antipasti and dessert, should be enough. Go heavy on the noodles, because they are amazing.

Total Verdict: 4/5

PriceRMB200-350 per person
Who's goingartists, lovers, natural winos
Good forafternoon coffee sessions, dates, small groups

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Pass Residence, 318 Julu Lu, by Shaanxi Nan Lu 318, .

Khan Chacha

Image by Cristina Ng/That's

While fusion sometimes gets a bad rap, when it comes to Indo-Persian cuisine the cross-pollination dates back to the medieval Mughal Empire. In Jingan districts Westgate Mall, Kh-an Chacha celebrates the Turko-Persian influence on the cookery of India and Central Asia. The match makes sense, and the newly open-ed eatery turns out flavorsome, yet delicately spiced plates of food in earnest. The founder hails from Kerala and spent time in Qatar, so he has a broad understanding of the culinary traditions he wants to share with Shanghai. The menu is long and full of tempting choices, so we recommend you come with a group of four or more for the best experience.

Total Verdict: 3.5/5

Price: RMB150-250 per person
Whos going: mostly expats, curry lovers
Good for: quick lunches, quick dinners

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Khan Chacha, 501-502, West Gate Mall, 1038 Nanjing Xi Lu, by Jiangning Lu 1038501-502, .



Image via 521/SH

Located in Putuo district, 521/SH is tucked between nondescript buildings and a residential area. Once you do find it, the bars unassuming exterior might underwhelm there are no gimmicks to get you in the door. We recommend the Godfather (RMB78) as a first drink this Scotch whiskey and amaretto blend provides enough oomph to get the night started. If you are feeling less adventurous, classics like the Cosmopolitan (RMB68) and Tequila Sunrise (RMB68) are also available. Wine is also on the menu. After trying the food optio-ns, we recommend making this a post-dinner drinks spot. If you do get hungry, the Croquetas (RMB38) are a tasty adult version of fried cheese sticks. You could also nibble on Marinated Olives (RMB38).

Read the full review here.

521/SH, Rm 155-156, Bldg 1, 100 Yejiazhai Lu, by Changshou Lu 1001155-156, .

[Cover image by Cristina Ng/That's]

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