Most Wuhan Virus Patients to be Cured in 2-4 Weeks!

Source: JobTube, Arianna J., Josh B.

According to the Wuhan Evening News on January 25, Zhang Wenhong, the leader of Shanghai medical treatment expert team, made an interpretation on hot issues and precautions of Wuhan pneumonia, as well as its tendency.

Zhang Wenhong believes that thousands of doctors from all over the country have rushed to Wuhan, which undoubtedly ensures the victory in the fight against new virus. He believes that it is already a scientific victory for China to obtain the genetic information of the new virus in less than a month. 

But to control its spread, people need to adopt the oldest way, which is "isolation ".

Per Zhang, in recent days, in addition to the restrictions in Wuhan, the information that there are too many patients but insufficient beds in the hospitals of Wuhan spread under the WeChat moments, and has freaked out many people. The fact is that a hospital with 1200 vacant beds was all set up overnight. A new hospital with more than 1000 beds is under construction and will be ready in a week. In this way, in addition to the existing designated hospitals in Wuhan, it wont be a problem to take in all patients with fever of unknown causes.

Voluntary medical teams from all over the country have entered Wuhan in succession. The main battle to control the infection in Wuhan should be done in one month and end in two months.

So, how should people spend this time?

Zhang Wenhong said that, in fact, it has been known that the new coronavirus is a viral characterized by acute infection, and generally there will be no long-term chronic effects. For such a virus, as long as it is isolated for enough time to completely cover the incubation period (the longest known incubation period of the virus is 2 weeks), all potential patients will be automatically screened out for hospital isolation treatment, and some patients with strong immunity will self-heal. In two weeks, society will return to order.

For Wuhan, measures including limiting traffic and stopping public transportation have been taken, meanwhile sufficient beds and medical forces from all over the country have been prepared.

It can be predicted that within 2 weeks, all patients who have or are about to have the disease will receive medical treatment smoothly. After 2-4 weeks of treatment, most patients will be cured.

In this way, it is not a dream to end the battle of Wuhan in two months.

Currently, Wuhan has entered a state of emergency and the virus is about to be under control. The number of cases is bound to decline within two weeks. But what about all parts of the country just entering the early stage of imported diseases? Can people follow the suggestion of " stay at home for two weeks " and "have a healthy Spring Festival"?

"Our next focus should be on cities outside Wuhan. We will never allow the virus to break out again." Zhang Wenhong said.

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