Wuhan Virus: >6000 confirmed, 132 death; >100 recovered

Source: China Daily, People's Daily, SCMP, Global Times, Xinhua, BBC, JobTube, Majdi    

Major News 

>100 Patients recovered 

The number of recovered patients has surpassed 100 for the first time since the outbreak started. According to news from China Daily, the patients recovered in Shanghai took between 10 -15 days for recovery. 

By far, 80 patients recovered in Hubei, the epicenter of the outbreak; 5 in each Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangxi, and 4 in each Beijing and Shanghai, and others in various regions bringing the total number of recovered patients in mainland to 105 as of Jan 29 9:30. 

The fourth patient in Shanghai to recover from the novel coronavirus infection is released from the hospital, on Jan 28, 2020. [Photo Zhang Kun/chinadaily.com.cn]

Transmission by Touch

Novel coronavirus can be transmitted by touch, China's medical authority reiterated on Tuesday. The incubation period of novel coronavirus is usually 3-7 days. Young children and infants could also be infected.


More Asymptomatic Cases Reported

[China Daily] Li Xingwang, chief infectious diseases expert at Beijing Ditan Hospital, said asymptomatic cases of the virus have been recently found in many places around the country, which have increased difficulties in preventing and controlling the virus.

Medical workers have identified people who tested positive for the virus but have not displayed expected symptoms. Some patients, though, just show less serious symptoms such as mild coughs, but they can also be infectious, Li said. 

US Considering to Suspend China Flights

[CNBC] White House officials have told U.S. airlines its considering suspending China flights amid an escalating death toll from the new coronavirus.

The restrictions could affect flights into and out of China, as well as airports across the United States, the officials said.

Meanwhile, United Airlines is suspending some of its flights to China as coronavirus fears have led to a "decline in demand for travel" to the country.

United Airlines Suspending Flights

Meanwhile, United Airlines is suspending some of its flights to China as coronavirus fears have led to a "decline in demand for travel" to the country.

United said it usually operates 12 flights per day from the US to the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. According to the reduction, between Feb 1 and Feb 8, three fights to China Hong Kong, 10 flights to Beijing, and 11 flights to Shanghai would be canceled.

Wuhan Schools to Resume Soon, Online

[China Daily] Wuhan will begin providing online courses for students in primary, middle and vocational schools on Feb 10 as a new measure to prevent the further spread of the novel coronavirus pneumonia disease.

Spring semester was to begin Feb 10 for kindergartens, and primary and middle schools. But due to the epidemic, the local education bureau decided to postpone the start of spring semester for all types of schools, including private training institutes.

After Wuhan might be Chongqing

[China Daily] China Hong Kong infectious disease experts said on Monday that Chongqing may become the next hot spot in the current novel coronavirus outbreak due to its close connection with the epicenter, Wuhan.

Chongqing is predicted to have the largest epidemic due to large population and most intense traffic volume coupled to Wuhan

So far, Chongqing had 132 confirmed novel coronavirus cases as of midnight Jan 27, ranking fourth in the number of confirmed cases after Wuhan, Huanggang and Xiaogan in Hubei province.

Construction of Hospitals Livestreamed

At 4:30 pm on Tuesday, about 10 million people were watching the ongoing construction of the Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals - two makeshift hospitals for novel coronavirus patients in suburban Wuhan.

Live-stream cameras have been installed at the hospital construction sites. In the live streaming video, people can see a bird's-eye view of the construction site, with workers, trucks and excavators racing to make the deadline.

Wuhan government announced on Friday that it would build for designated patients a 1,000-bed mobile hospital, named Huoshenshan, with a floor area of 25,000 square meters, before Feb 3.

On Saturday, the city announced a plan to build a 1,300-bed hospital, named Leishenshan, to receive patients to ease the shortage of beds in the city.

Live streaming:

Leishenshan: http://t.cn/A6PIeT14

Huoshenshan: http://t.cn/A6PIYNvD

Coronavirus info available to foreigners in Wuhan

First human-to-human case in Europe

[thelocal.de] German coronavirus patient is A German man who contracted the novel strain of coronavirus was infected by a colleague visiting from China, officials said on Tuesday, in what appeared to be the first human-to-human transmission in Europe. 

Vaccine in Three Month

Global Times reports: China is likely to have a vaccine for novel coronavirus for public use within three months, which will include a month and a half of development and a month and half of testing: Li Lanjuan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

West Kowloon Station to Close Jan 30

China Hong Kong will close the West Kowloon station from Jan 30 amid coronavirus outbreak: Carrie Lam

First City to Launch Wartime Mechanism

Tianjin in North China is to launch wartime mechanism to confront the novel #coronavirus, the first city in China to do so. A general hospital and 500 medical teams in the city are to be put under military management.

Beijing Hotel for Suspected Cases

People's Daily twitter account reported that Beijing will designate a hotel in Haidian district for people suspected with the coronavirus. 

Masks & Disinfectant Production Resumes

In response to the shortage of masks and disinfectants; production lines in Shandong and Shanxi have been resumed earlier the holiday plan. 

Virus Live Data, in English

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