Mom's Song Urging Son to Find New Year Love Becomes Viral

A Chinese woman who recorded a song encouraging her 33-year-old son to find someone to marry at Lunar New Year has become a viral hit with thousands of fans.

Tao, a blogger from Chengdu put his mother's message on a video-sharing website. On Sunday.

The song quickly gained fans for its earnest lyrics, while an accompanying video of Tao's parents dancing added to its appeal.

"The fattest flower on the plain, you're still single at over 30, don't be discouraged," Tao's mother sings. "Although you haven't grown to be good-looking, you're not too bad. Dry your tears and find a date over Lunar New Year!"

On Weibo, many users said the video reflected the attitudes of elderly and middle-aged relatives who, during family reunions at Lunar New Year, pried into the personal lives of young people or put pressure on them to find partners.

In recent years, more millennials who chose to stay single until into their 30s have voiced complaints on social media about the behavior of older relatives.

"When I return home over Lunar New Year, the one thing that always leads to family arguments with my mum and dad is when they pressure me to get married," one user wrote.

But there were also users praise for Tao's parents, who liked the humorous way the middle-aged couple approached the issue.


Source: scmp

Editor: Crystal H

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