Men vs. Women: Who Gets More Red Packets on WeChat?

Going out to dinner; buying groceries; paying for housing utilities; talking to friends and sharing memories These are all part of our lives, and WeChat is here for them all. 

On January 9, Tencent 2020 WeChat open class PRO.

Highlight of PRO:

1. Up until recently, WeChat would limit each user to 5,000 contacts. However, considering nearly a million people are fast approaching the 5,000 mark, Tencent is updating its social app to allow users to add more friends once theyve passed 5,000 contacts, but will only be able to talk to them without having access to their Moments.

2. With the Spring Festival coming up soon, WeChat has developed new versions of the much-anticipated red envelope.

On the same day, WeChat has officially released its 2019 Annual Data Report to give everyone more in-depth insights into its user base, how they interact, what they love, and more!

Lets see how last years numbers look:

According to the report, WeChat currently has 1.151 billion monthly active users.

These are the most popular emojis used in WeChat conversations:

And the grand winner is .

Usage peaks are before lunch and after work.

Male users tend to share more content about work and games, while female users share posts about food and other emotionally engaging content.

After pinning locations in their Moments, Guangzhou came out as the most visited city among WeChat users, followed by Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Chengdu.

Internationally, the most visited cities among WeChat Moment users are are Seoul, Osaka, Jeju Island, Bangkok and Singapore.

The top 3 songs shared the most on WeChat Moments are (as translated):

'Me and my country'

'You look good with a smile' 

'Grain in ear'. 

The top 10 WeChat searches

1. w ti nn le:  : "Life is so hard for me" 

This came from a video shared on the Chinese short-video sharing platform Kuaishou. Playing sad background music, a man says Life is so hard for me. Guys, Ive been feeling really stressed lately.

It became so viral that memes were starting to circulate. 

2. xio ji ji : Pretty girl

3. zhng nng ling : The positive energy

4. 996 : The 996 work schedule

5. f x 

In Buddhism, this means casual, calm, and breezy. However, when used in a negative context, this can also refer to being a "slacker", with no desires, needs or expectations. They yearn to be free of strong feelings without taking anyone or anything too seriously.

6. dn shn gu: Single dog

7.  y n w gu

Direct translation: Rain woman without melon.

Interpretation: This was born out of a childrens TV show when the prince, after wearing a mask all day long, meant to say Its none of your business which sounded like rain woman without melon in Cantonese.

8.  nng mng jng

Direct translation: Lemon essence, meaning sour grapes.

Definition: a self-deprecating expression of admiration for others, from their appearance to their inner being; from their material life to their emotional life.

9. Yng H hardcore

10.  tu tu de: no problem

Looking at expenditures in restaurants, 59% of users paying the bill are male, while in supermarkets, women tend to take the charge, making up 57% of users paying for groceries.

With so much integration of apps and functionalities within this one gigantic universe, theres no doubt that WeChat has become a major part of our daily lives. 

Editor: Crystal H


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