How to Buy & Register a LEGAL E-Bike in China - FULL Guide!

Source: JobTube, Josh B.

China is a country where electric bikes are everywhere. However, many people may not realize that some electric bikes are illegal, and put the driver at risk of a fine, or worse...

Can Foreigners Buy & Register a Legal Electric Bike?

As of April 15th 2019, China implemented a National Electric Bike law, to regulate the usage in the country.

Foreigners can purchase an electric bike, then register it at the Traffic Detachment of the Public Security Bureau () in their city. However, there are some requirements for an electric bike to be legal and registered:

  • Top Speed: 25 KM/H

  • Battery Specs: 48V @ 400W

  • Bike Weight (incl. Battery): 55 Kilograms

  • Seat Length: Less than 35cm

  • Wheel Distance: 1.25m

  • Body Width: 45cm

  • Pedals: Mandatory

  • Beeping Sound: at 15KM/H

If an electric bike does not fit one or all of these requirements, then it is classified as an Electric Motorcycle and requires a license plate and a valid Chinese Driver's License to use.

Additionally, electric bikes require the "3C" Mark, to comply with regulations regarding being fireproof, tamper-proof, and electrical safety.

How to Register an Electric Bike

Some brands such as Yadea () will register an electric bike for their customers upon purchase.

However, if the store is unable to do this, the customer will be required to do so, within 15 days of purchase. To do this, foreigners will need to go to the Traffic Detachment of the Public Security Bureau () office.

Required Documents & Items for Foreigners:

  1. Electric Bike which meets all the above requirements;

  2. Receipt & Invoice for the Electric Bike;

  3. Passport;

  4. Copies of the passport ID page and Visa/Residence Permit.

Please note: Some cities may be unable to register an electric bike to a foreigner. In this case, it has been suggested to bring a spouse or close friend to have the bike registered to. Some cities may also charge 15 Yuan for the service.

Upon registering the legal electric bike at the Traffic Police Station, users will receive a license plate, as well as a registration card.

A picture of an E-Bike License Plate.

An E-Bike Registration Card (Includes: model number, color, registrant name, address, etc.)