Grandma Hangs Child Off 5th Floor Balcony For a Cat!

Source: JobTube, Arianna J., Freya W., Josh B.

On January 6th, 2020, a video of an old granny in Sichuan hanging her 7-year-old grandson with a rope around his waist from the 5th floor, became a heated discussion online. All of this, was for a cat....

The news as it appeared online.

On the afternoon of January 5th, 2020, a granny living in the 2nd floor of an old building located in Pengan County, Sichuan found that her cat got itself trapped at the corner of a 4th-floor balcony. To save her cat, she hurried to a neighbors house on the 5th floor along with her 7-year-old grandson and hung the boy down to the 4th floor after tightly tying a rope around his waist, which was videoed by a passerby.

It could be seen in the video that the boy was trembling in the air. He got the cat, put it into the bag and then was lifted by his grandmother. Fortunately, the old granny, the little boy and the cat were all safe. However, afterwards the granny received a criticism from the residents' committee for her deed, and she promised that in the future she would dial 110 or 119 for help if a similar situation happened.

Big Argument Online

After being posted on Weibo, the incident soon became one of the top topics and attracted a ton of comments. Below are some major comments on the matter:

Translation: Im shocked her grandson means less than a cat.

Translation: It's not funny at all. Some people never deserve to be guardians.

Translation: His parents will scold her and never ever let her babysit him.

Translation: Has this ever come across her mind that she could lose both her cat and grandson? A guardian with zero safety awareness like this really should do some self-questioning work.

Translation: I don't know whether this could be taken as a case of child abuse in the United States, and can be settled down by giving some criticism.

Translation: The granny definitely should be criticized. Why she didnt keep an eye on the cat? Cats tend to be frightened easily and its dangerous.

Translation: This shows that they both love the cat very much. The child was brave, and the grandmother was too worried to care about the safety of her grandson. It could be seen how important the cat was in the family. I remember that another a case that a woman's house was on fire, and she rushed into the house in spite of the danger to save her cat out. The two case are similar, endangering their lives to save the cat.

Translation: Has the cat been criticized and educated?

Translation: The cat is her real grandson, and the little boy is adopted.

Translation: My grandfather did this to me too when I was little as he left the key at home.

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