Chinese Premier Visits Wuhan, Takes Charge to Contain Virus!

Source: China Daily, Hindustan Times

Premier Li Keqiang on Monday became the highest-ranking Chinese leader to visit Wuhan, the ground zero of the novel Coronavirus outbreak, as he took charge of the complex efforts to curb the spreading pathogen.

Lis visit to Wuhan came amid the citys top official admitting that there had been a problem with the timely public disclosure of information about the Coronavirus.

China early on Monday announced an unprecedented extension of the Lunar New Year (LNY) holidays in the latest attempt to contain the spread the of rapidly spreading novel Coronavirus.

Health experts said Sunday that the seven-day holiday window for the LNY which started on January 25 -- was a critical period to contain the virus as hundreds of millions of Chinese will begin their return journey home at the end of it.

They said the ability of the virus to spread was getting stronger and that it could also infect during the 1 day-to-14 day incubation period.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisations (WHO) director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is expected to arrive in Beijing on Monday to support the coronavirus response, and that his team would understand the latest developments there and strengthen the partnership with China in providing further protection against the outbreak.

The WHO has stopped short of calling the outbreak an international public health emergency but said it was an emergency for China.

Before departing from Geneva, the WHO chief had said that his agency was working 24/7 to support the Chinese people during this difficult time and to remain in close contact with affected countries; the WHO is updating all countries on the situation and providing specific guidance on what to do to respond, he added.

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