5 Million People Left Wuhan, before closure, Where Are They?

Source: JobTube, Arianna J., Josh B.

On the evening of January 26, the Information Office of the people's Government of Hubei Province held a press conference on the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus. Zhou Xianwang, mayor of Wuhan, said that because of the impact of the Spring Festival and the epidemic, more than 5 million people have left Wuhan and 9 million remain in the city.

Where Have These 5 Million People Gone?

Wuhan is a city where migrants flow into. Each year, migrants return home for the Spring Festival. In 2018, the number of people left Wuhan during the Spring Festival was 2,328,200. 

Nearly half of the population leaves the city every year for the new year.

According to statistics, the main sources of Wuhan population are people from Xinyang, Chongqing, and Nanyang, respectively accounting for 1.54%, 1.4% and 1.13% of the total inflow population of Wuhan. The other 7 of the top 10 sources are people from Zhumadian, Guangzhou, Zhoukou, Beijing, Shangqiu, Shenzhen and Changsha. Among them, Xinyang, Nanyang, Zhumadian, Zhoukou and Shangqiu belong to Henan Province.

A large number of the 5 million people who left Wuhan returned to their hometowns, especially the above cities.

According to migration big data, between January 10 and January 22, 2020 (before the closure of Wuhan), 60-70% of the people who set out from Wuhan every day went to other cities in Hubei Province, followed by Henan Province, Hunan Province, Anhui Province, Chongqing and Jiangxi Province.

From the perspective of city, in addition to the cities of Hubei, the proportion of people from Wuhan to Xinyang, Chongqing, Changsha, Beijing, Shanghai and Zhengzhou is also high. In Hubei Province, Xiaogan and Huanggang are the two cities that receive the highest proportion of return passenger flow from Wuhan. On average, 13.03% and 12.64% of people leave Wuhan every day to reach Xiaogan and Huanggang.

Flight Data Also Reveals Where These 5 Million People Have Gone

According to statistics, that is, from December 30, 2019 to January 22, 2020, the capacity data of domestic departure, international departure, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan departure of Wuhan flights, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Haikou, Kunming, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Sanya and Nanning are the top 10 cities of Wuhan outbound flights.

According to the statistics of the number of outbound seats, more than 60,000 people flew from Wuhan to Beijing, and more than 50,000 people to Guangzhou and Chengdu respectively in the 20 days before the closure of Wuhan.

In terms of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the largest number of outbound flights from Wuhan is Hong Kong, followed by Macao and Taiwan, but the number of Wuhan people in these cities is no more than 10,000.

Internationally, Bangkok, Thailand, has the largest outbound flight volume in Wuhan, with more than 10,000 people flying from Wuhan to Bangkok. Singapore ranks second in the outbound volume and Tokyo, Japan, ranks third.

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