Wuhan Virus: >4500 confirmed, 106 death; 1st Beijing death

Source: China Daily, People's Daily, SCMP, Global Times, Xinhua, BBC, JobTube, Majdi   

Major News 

Antiviral Spray is Now Available

People's Daily twitter account reported about the development of an antiviral spray against the coronavirus. This spray will be used to protect front-line medical staff, which would play a major role in combating the virus. 

Virus Live Data, in English

Now you can get live updates, with English interface, about Wuhan virus. The infection cases are shown in every province, city and town/village. Scan the below QR and share the below poster with your friends to spread the word. 

SH & HZ Holiday Until Feb 9 & 17 

Shanghai and Hangzhou will postpone the start of Spring semester at schools from kindergarten to university to no earlier than Feb 17 and require all companies not to resume work before Feb 9. That doesn't include public utilities, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, food security production or companies involved in the epidemic prevention. 

Beijing reports first death

[China DailyA man died from the Coronavirus virus in Beijing on Monday. The man, 50, had visited Wuhan, on January 8 and developed a fever after returning to Beijing on January 15.

He went to the hospital on January 21 and was diagnosed the next day. He was treated in hospital but died of respiratory failure on Monday, according to the Beijing Municipal Health Commission.

Between 9am to 8pm on Monday, eight new infections were confirmed in the capital, pushing the total number to 80 in Beijing. 

Among those in the capital, 63 are in stable condition, 12 seriously ill, two in critical condition, two have been discharged from the hospital, and one has died.

Cambodia first case of coronavirus

[Xinhua] A Chinese man from Wuhan was confirmed as the first person in Cambodia infected with the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Cambodian Health Minister Mam Bunheng announced at a press conference here on Monday evening.

He said the Chinese man, 60, was tested positive for the virus by the Pasteur Institute in Cambodia on Monday afternoon.

"The patient is currently in a stable condition, and he has cold only," Bunheng said.

Nurse shaves head against virus

Shan Xia, a 30-year-old nurse with Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

[China Daily] Shan Xia, a 30-year-old nurse with Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University, shaved her long hair on Monday to help her work in fighting against the novel coronavirus.

Shan, also a mother of two children, said that she cut her hair in order to avoid cross-infection and save time when wearing and taking off protective suits.

In Wuhan

  • Immigration service in Wuhan will be suspended starting Monday till Jan 30 to better control the spread of novel coronavirus.

  • The National Health Commission has organized teams of 959 medical workers from seven provinces and cities to head to Wuhan. The teams are from Henan, Jilin, Liaoning, Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces, and the municipalities of Tianjin and Chongqing. More medical teams are preparing to go to Wuhan, according to the commission.

  • A medical laboratory for testing the novel coronavirus was built and started running at the Union Hospital in Wuhan of Hubei province on Jan 25, testing more than 200 samples daily. The lab is running around the clock as staff give up their holiday and rotate between three shifts a day.

Language Tests Postponed

All TOEFL, GRE and IELTS tests in the Chinese mainland in February will be canceled amid the ongoing novel coranavirus pneumonia outbreak

Two Children Infected, recovering

Two children aged two and 10 who were infected by the novel coronavirus are recovering and in stable condition in southern China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

The two-year-old girl flew to Nanning on Jan 21 with her mother from Wuhan and developed a fever the next day. After isolated treatment, her fever symptoms disappeared three days ago, and her lungs have no pathological changes. Those who had close contact with her have not shown infection symptoms.

Another 10-year-old girl surnamed Dong and her mother were both tested positive for the novel coronavirus after they came to Quanzhou county in Guangxi from Wuhan on Jan 18.

The two are receiving treatment in a hospital in the city of Guilin. The girl showed no obvious symptoms of high fever or pneumonia after two days of observation, said doctors.

Mongolia to Close Its borders

The government of Mongolia said Monday it has closed its large border with China, and Malaysia announced that it would bar visitors from the Hubei province at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak after medical officials warned its ability to spread was growing. 

The United States urged its citizens to "reconsider" all travel to China and told them not to go to central Hubei province, where the pneumonia-like virus emerged. 


"WHO's risk assessment is that the outbreak is a very high risk in China, and a high risk regionally and globally." 

"This is an emergency in China but it has not yet become a global health emergency. It may yet become one," WHO spokesman said.

Two Shanghai Patients Discharged

[Shine] A married couple who contracted coronavirus-related pneumonia have been discharged from hospital following recovery, said Shanghai Health Commission on Monday.

A man surnamed Yao, 56, lives in Wuhan and arrived in Shanghai on January 18. He was diagnosed with coronavirus and hospitalized at Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center for treatment.

During an epidemiological investigation and screening on his close contacts, his 58-year-old wife surnamed Li was found coughing and then was also diagnosed and hospitalized for coronavirus.

The couples condition improved quickly under medical treatment, and their respiratory symptoms and lung functioning have recovered well, authorities say.

Their temperatures remained normal for three days and two nucleic-acid tests were both negative for coronavirus, the commission said.

After expert evaluation, the couple met standards to be released from quarantine.

Toll roads free period extended

The Ministry of transport extended the deadline of toll free policy for toll roads to 24:00 on February 2.

Distant regions students, need approval

The Ministry of Education decided to postpone the start of the spring semester in 2020, and students returning home, back from their home towns, during the Spring Festival should not return to school in advance without the approval of the school.

Mortgage/loans payment adjustment

According to the notice issued by the CIRC, for those who have temporarily lost their sources of income due to the epidemic, they should flexibly adjust the personal credit repayment arrangements such as housing mortgage and credit card, and reasonably postpone the repayment period.

Fake 3M masks sellers, detained

In Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, the police detained a group of people for selling fake "3M" masks via WeChat.  

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