20 Coronavirus Memes So You Can Laugh in the Face of Death

By Ned Kelly

1. "The safe way to text with your Wuhan friends"

2. And the surefire way to get dinner plans cancelled

3. Not a meme - NBC's actual grasp on Chinese geography

4. And, of course, the internet responds...

5. New on Netflix

6. Taobao sales are feverish

7. "Will you hang out with me?"

8. "I'm coming!"

9. "In case masks are out of stock"

10. And if you get really desperate...

11. The timing on this outbreak isn't great at all

12. So take necessary precautions on public transport

13. You can never be too safe

14. But don't get blinded by fear

15. Make sure you still see sense 

16. The official response is reassuring

17. Still, get acquainted with the symptoms

18. Because it's highly contagious

19. Especially in group situations

20. But most of all, have a happy Spring Festival

Xin nian kuai le!

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