Cold Air and Typhoon Are Affecting South China Weather

Brace yourselves for some cold air coming to you this week!

Southern China is finally getting a bit chill, with temperatures averaging 13 to 14 degrees Celsius.

December 2nd and 3rd have been particularly affected by a drop in temperatures, with much colder mornings and evenings than a few days ago.

Winds are expected to weaken tomorrow, but will pick up again from December 5th to 8th while temperatures continue to decrease.

In other news Kammui, the 28th typhoon of the year, is gradually developing.

It is expected to reach super typhoon strength (category 17 or above) soon, and will make landfall on the southern Filipino island of Luzon.

Considering the typhoons strength and reach, those living in coastal areas of southern China should be mindful, as it will bring gales due to the cold air.

Be safe out there, and enjoy the layer weather! Time to bring out your fashionable winter outfits again!

Source: weibo

Editor: Crystal H


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