Watch out When You Share Original Images on WeChat, Because...

It appears that a new setting on WeChat has been causing a lot of frustration and discontent as of late. 

If youre sending photos via WeChat and its not a full image, chances are your friends will ask you to send it again in high res.

Sound familiar?

Now, they may have a reason not to If you send the original photo to someone on WeChat, they will be able to see the location where you took it in the first place.

In order to enable this setting:

1. Your GPS must be on;

2. WeChat settings save your geographic location,

3. Send the original photo.

To see how accurate this report was, GiC staff tested it themselves.

After clicking show information on the image I had sent in its original , high resolution to a friend, this is what popped up:

Information including your phone model, time, and specific location are available to anyone with access to your photo.

If youre among the photo collectors who cant stand not having the highest of resolutions when receiving a picture, this might be a problem 

But for others, this added feature doesnt do much to their own WeChat experience as they may always forget to send photos in their original resolution in the first place.

One netizen went as far as commenting: "Does anyone care where I am?"

WeChats official Weibo account responded to the criticism on December 1st:

"Any photo taken by a smartphone today has an Exif setting that uses GPS data to record your location, time and other details. However, photos shared via WeChat message and on WeChat Moments are automatically compressed by our system without recording your location details. If you are worried about disclosing such information, you may choose not to share your photos in their original resolution, or simply edit the photo before sharing it. "

What do you make of this new feature? 

Let us know in the comment section below! 

Source:  Weibo

Editor: Crystal H


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