World's largest Legoland Park to Open in China!

Merlin Entertainments has announced its plans to open a Legoland resort in Jinshan district in Shanghai, the largest Legoland park in the world, to cash in on the rising family tourism market in China.

The location in Jinshan district is one-hour distance to downtown Shanghai and one-hour drive to 16 major cities in the Yangtze River Delta and two-hour drive to about 55 million potential visitors in the region.

The British theme park operator has reached an agreement with the Shanghai Jinshan district government, Chinese media and entertainment giant CMC, and the investment company behind the Lego empire Kirkbi to invest an estimated US$500 million in the resort, and the project is not expected to open until after 2023.

The resort will also cover a theme hotel incorporating 250 rooms, coupled with other neighbouring facilities.

The resort featuring Lego brick elements and Chinese cultural characteristics, will target families with children aged between two and 12. There are eight Lego parks in operation globally.

Globally, it operates more than 120 attractions in 25 countries around the world.

Source: chinadaily

Editor: Crystal Huang

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