Policeman Carrying Elder In Arms Across Street Warms Hearts

Chinese citizens were deeply moved recently by a local traffic police officer who carried an elderly man in his arms to assist him across a street crowded with pedestrians and vehicles.

It took place on a crossroads in Qingdao's Jimo District, Shandong province on Oct 31. 

A senior man with a slight disability was sitting on the ground and trudging ahead with his hands supporting his body.

Observing the danger of the situation, Diao Zhanfei, a police officer rushed to the man immediately.

He asked about the old man's situation, carried him in arms with his permission, and helped him across the road in a very short time.

Still a little concerned for the old man's safety, Diao asked about his address and called a taxi to send him back home. He didn't return to his other duties until he was sure the old man could return home safe and sound.

A passerby noticed the scene and recorded it, uploading the short video onto the internet.

Many netizens were even enchanted by the police officer, praising him as a truly charming man by combining both an outward manliness and inner thoughtfulness.

Source: Chinadaily/ asia news

Editor: Crystal Huang

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