Huawei to Reward Employees With RMB 2 Billion Bonus for...

Huawei Technologies, the Chinese telecoms giant has allocated a special cash award worth 2 billion yuan to distribute among employees who have contributed to its contingency plan to help minimize the impact of the ban, according to people familiar with the matter.

While those who will benefit have not been identified, it is believed people in research and development roles, especially at Huawei's chip arm HiSilicon that have come up with alternatives to US components, and those developing the company's in-house operating systems, will most likely share in the award, according to employees, who spoke on the condition of anonymity as the information is private.

Besides the 2 billion yuan shared bonus, each Huawei employee will receive double their salary this month in appreciation of efforts to help the company get through the hard times, the people said.

Huawei has a history of rewarding its employees with cash bonuses, especially at times of high revenue growth, said the sources.

Source: scmp

Editor: Crystal Huang

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