Overseas Users Gain Easier Access to WeChat Pay in China!

Chinese internet giant Tencent has made its mobile payment service WeChat Pay more available for overseas users in the country by enabling them to link their international credit cards to the platform.

With cooperation between Tencent and five major international card organizations including Visa, MasterCard and American Express, overseas users can now use WeChat Pay for various payments without having to have a mainland bank card, according to a press release from Tencent.

WeChat Pay already supports overseas users with mainland bank cards from up to 128 available banks registered with their passports, according to the company.

Tencent said it intends to continue exploring further innovative collaboration with all industry parties to provide more convenience for overseas users in China.

China has seen a growing number of overseas visitors in recent years, while authorities rolled out a slew of measures to provide more convenience for them during their stay.

In 2018, inbound tourists made 141.2 million trips to the country, up 1.2 percent year on year, official data showed.

Last year, China issued approximately 336,000 work permits to foreigners and over 950,000 foreigners were working in the country as of the end of 2018.

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Source: xinhua

Editor: Crystal Huang

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