Chinese Boss Gets on Her Knees to Wash Her Staff's Feet After

In China, kneeling down and washing feet for elders is regarded by many traditional people as an important form of gratitude in life.

But recently, the boss and executives of a cosmetic firm in China have expressed her gratitude for her top-performing sales staffs' hard work by kneeling on the ground to wash their feet.

It took place at an award ceremony in Jinan, Shandong Province on November 2.  

The executive kneels on stage in front of the staff members and begins removing their shocks to cleanse their feet in the unusual ritual.

Those employees are said to have achieved the best sales figures and many employees were even watching below the stage.

Some netizens said it was a clever way for the boss to avoid giving her staff bonuses .  

Some said who wants to be washed feet in daylight?! 

If I were that employee, I will be so embarrassed, and I would prefer cash. 

It is a good thing for enterprises to strengthen humanistic care, but this kind of reward as boss kneels to the employees and wash their feet in front of everyone, always let people feel the purpose is not pure, like a show. Such a company culture is not necessary!

What do you think of this washing feet thing? 

Have you done this to anyone before?


Editor: Crystal Huang


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