Now, Men & Women Can't Use THIS Function on Didi After 8PM!

Source: FT, Abacus

Didi Chuxing will stop its carpooling service after 8pm for both men and women following a backlash on social media.

The service, called Hitch, was designed to match private car owners with commuters heading the same direction.

It was suspended last year after two female passengers were raped and killed by their drivers in China, drawing accusations that the company wasnt doing enough to protect women.

Didi announced this week that its relaunching the service in seven Chinese cities, but women could only catch rides before 8pm, while men could do so until 11pm.

The measure prompted an outcry online, with some users decrying it as sexist and limiting for women.

The Beijing-based company apologized on Thursday, saying the move was intended to ensure a safe and good commuting experience.

Didi will put in place a new restriction that limits the trial Hitch rides to under 50km.

Hitch will resume daytime operations at the end of the month in Beijing, Harbin and five other cities.