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Job description

 Products Planning

1. According to company development strategy, industrial development, market need and analysis of competitors, assist Chief engineer to makemid-long term RD product plan,annual RD plan and existing products improvement plan 2 Collect needs for products improvement from marketsalesQC and supply chain dept. //Visit customers to understand machine situation of DF and DFs competitors, and also to know market trend /Project management 1.  LPDTSuggest LPDT and engineer in charge of proposal for the RD project 2.  LPDTDesign or approval RD project prosoal, solve technical problems which can not solved by the engineers or LPTD during production and testing; 3.  Approve software and other relative technical documents made by the engineers; 4.  Involve in trial productin and solve technical problems during th process; 5.  Assist LPDT to evaluation and accepatance of RD projects; 1 Make Core technical issues list and Annual core technical problem-shooting planby communicating with sales, service and supply chain dept. 2 ,Make technical proposals to core technical issues and organze engineers to carry out job according to annual core technical problems-shooting plan /Technical support management 1.       Be responsible to give higher level suggestions or proposals to technical problems in the workshop and customer site, and follow the results2.       Be responsible to give higher level suggestions or proposals to technical problems pointed out by sales dept., and follow the result; 3.       Be responsible to give higher level suggestions or proposals to quality problems of parts or machines, and follow the result; /Standardization management 1.   Be responsible for standardization job in RD dept, in chage of implementation of national standard, international standard, industrial and complay standard; 2.   Be responsible for making company standard, try to involve in drafting national, industrial, and regional standard; 3.   Be responsible for standardized platform design, be responsible for establishment and maintainence of commercial parts and standardized parts system; 4.   Design, improve products structure and materials by strictly follow to standardized requirement, and make evaluation principles for standardization; 5.   Make standardization plan, and organize regular meeting for standardization; 6.   Be responsible for standardization approval for technical documents;


1Bachelor degree and above, magor in Electromechanics etc engineering related. 2CEULMLC/More than 10 years in electrical control  in corrugated box machinery industry, familar with CE & UL standards and servo motor & MLC. 3INDRAWORKSMLCSTEP7 TIAPLCFamiliar with programming MLC with indraworks, PLC with STEP7 and TIA 3CEULExcellence knowledge in Electromechanics, familar with CE and UL standard. 4Excellent communication, analysis, and trouble shooting capability

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