Hilarious Customer Photos Sellers Won't Be Happy to See

After you buy something online, especially clothes, the next thing most of us think about is how fast its going to be delivered to our house, and we keep refreshing the delivery tracking website until DING DONG!

Hooray, at last 

We tear the box open and hurry back into our bedroom to try our new outfit on.

What many online users do after trying it on is upload their mirror photos back onto the sellers page to share it with others.

But looking at what some of them upload, those sellers might want to delete them 

Why, you may ask? 

Take a look!


What the stock photo of the outfit looks like on the sellers page:



Customer: This dress is so short and tight, only my right leg fits! It looks like Im crippled.


The sweater's collar is too tight!


Well this is just weird.


This is how the customer found the shoes when he opened the box, and struggled to figure out how he would wear them

Seller: Just move your left shoe to the right, then you can wear them both.

Customer: I can move my left foot to right?!


When you order a mouse pad and its bigger than your own face


Customer: Those pants-looking shorts look good on me!

And the final pictures


This foam comes out shaped like a rose. 

At least thats what other customers picture makes it look like.

So why does mine look like this?!?!


Looks like your body shape does matter for this particular item 


You should be aware of your foots size before buying small heels! Or else the seller wont be too happy to see that on their page. 

When it comes to online shopping on platforms like Taobao, were always happy to save money and receive our packages almost instantly! But while you wait for your delivery with excitement, sellers might start worrying about what types of photos theyll be seeing on their page once youve tried their outfit on! 

Have you ever bought something online that eventually came out completely different or not the size you expected it to be?

Have you uploaded those types of hilarious photos online before?

Let us know about your experience, and in the meantime, we wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead!

Source: Weibo

Editor: Crystal Huang


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