Foreigner at Airport Seeks Help from Firemen?

Source: JobTube, Arianna J., Freya W., Josh B.

According to local media, at 8:25PM, on November 10th, an unusual situation happened in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Terminal 1, where a foreign man sought help from the airport firemen....

It was understood that while waiting for his flight, the foreign man felt that something was wrong with his finger, as he was wearing a copper ring. His finger became red and swollen, which meant he couldn't remove the ring by himself. Realizing this was trouble, he asked a security guard for help, who ended up taking him to the infirmary. However, the staff there couldn't take it off either. With no other solution, they called the airport fire team. Shortly afterwards, the firemen rushed to the scene. After examining the mans situation, they decided to cut off the ring. To ensure his safety, the firemen were extremely careful.

After around 10 minutes of work, they were successful.

Subsequently, medical staff quickly disinfected and bandaged him. Thanks to the excellent skill of firefighters, no secondary injury was caused to the man.

With a tight schedule, the man rushed to catch his flight after taking a photo with those who helped him out. Even so, he still managed to express his gratitude by writing them a short thank-you letter.

The thank-you letter

Reminder from the airport fire security staff: Copper and iron rings have the possibility of getting stuck on your finger. Once this situation happens, it is best to call the police, or go to the hospital to have it removed, as to avoid a second injury.

Additionally, they reminded staff to try to intervene, or to contact the subway station staff when seeing such situations.