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China is currently the largest contributor to global economic growth. It is within this context that the second China International Import Expo will be held from Nov 5 to 10. Elkem, a world-leading supplier of silicone and silicon-based solutions headquartered in Oslo, will showcase its sustainability-oriented products, technologies and solutions at the show.


The online education conglomerate iTutorGroup celebrates its 21st anniversary this year. But to the group's founder, chairman and chief executive officer Eric Yang, every day remains a new challenge.



Tao Lin, vice-president of Tesla Inc, was right when she said the US electric carmaker had made the right choice in 2019 by choosing to build its first overseas plant in Shanghai.


China is actively embracing blockchain, an underlying technology with a wide range of applications, and sees it as the new frontier of innovation in industries ranging from finance to manufacturing and energy.


From Ecuadorian shrimp to Russian king crab, getting a taste of the ocean has never been easier these days for many Chinese. But for exporters trying to tap into this fast-growing seafood market, they need more than just quality products.


China will accelerate the improvement of the system of its socialist market economy and will fully unleash the "decisive role" of the market in resource allocation to ensure high-quality development, a senior official said on Friday.


Lizhi, a leading audio content service provider in China, is expected to list and be publicly traded in a stock market in the United States soon, according to sources with the company.


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