20 Foreign Experts Receive China's Top Academic Title and...

Source: China Daily

The Chinese Academy of Sciences has added 64 Chinese nationals and 20 foreign experts, including three Nobel laureates, from 12 countries to its academician echelon, the nation's highest academic title and lifelong honor for scientists selected once every two years.

The new academicians are expected to keep pushing the envelope of science in their respective fields, train and promote quality young talents, provide constructive advice for policies and projects, and be a role model for academic integrity and honesty, Bai Chunli, CAS president, said at the admission ceremony on Friday.

Of the new Chinese academicians, 11 are from math and physics fields, 10 from chemistry, 10 from life and medical sciences, 11 from geology and earth sciences, seven from information technologies, 15 from engineering sciences.

Average age of new Chinese academician is 55.7, with the youngest being 42 and oldest 67. About 87 percent of the new Chinese academicians are below the age of 60.

As for the foreign academicians, eight are from the United States, two from France, and one each from United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Pakistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Canada, Sweden and Italy.

There are five foreign academicians from countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, and it is the first time that experts from Kazakhstan and Italy are admitted as CAS academician.

Three foreign academicians are Nobel laureates: 2016 chemistry laureate chemistry Bernard Lucas Feringa, 2018 physics laureate Gerard Albert Mourou, and 2001 chemistry laureate Karl Barry Sharpless.