Young Foreign Woman Abducted By "Friends"....

Source: JobTube, Freya W., Josh B.

On September 29th, Chinese media covered news about a vietnamese woman, who was saved by staff of a highway tollbooth in Guangxi...

At about 8:30 on September 21st, a young woman suddenly ran to the Fusui tollbooth on Chongzuo Expressway and knocked on the door.

The toll collector, named Zhang, saw the woman's nervous expression and asked her about her situation. However, the woman kept gesturing with her hands with a praying sign, and cried for help in a foreign language. However, due to previous training for the China ASEAN Expo, Zhang recognized the woman's words to be of Vietnamese language.

To assist the foreign woman, Zhang took her to toll station's duty room. Once there, other staff brought her hot water and milk to help her feel comfortable. Then, they reported this situation to the station administrators, and at the same time they alerted the police.

Shortly afterwards, police confirmed that the woman was a 19 year old Vietnamese native from Dianbian Prefecture, who was abducted by people she believed were her friends.

When her friends brought her to Guangxi, she realized the situation was strange, and fought her way to escape to the Fusui tollbooth on the highway.

As of now, the woman has been taken by the police for further investigation.

"When I saw you, it was as if I saw the light of my life. Thank you for helping me." The woman said to the staff that were assisting with translation of her words. 

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