You May Be Getting Days Off Work Next Month for the Import Expo

By Ned Kelly and Justine Lopez

The second China International Import Expo (CIIE) kicks off on November 5 in Shanghai and its kind of a big deal. Some head honchos will be swinging into town; Emmanuel Macron has already announced that he will be attending. 

The expo is such a big deal that the government announced Monday, November 4 and Tuesday, November 5 have been adjusted to rest days. But, as is so often the case with these things, those days off come at a price. Saturday, November 2 and Saturday, November 9 have been adjusted to workdays.

The announcement has caused a lot of confusion, since not all companies are required to comply with the changes. So, you might want to double-check with your boss about your companys work schedule. 

The second China International Import Expo runs from November 5-10 at the National Convention and Exhibition Center. Oh, and if youre looking for something to do on that holiday Tuesday, why not watch the Melbourne Cup at Hooked?

[Cover image via Pexels]

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