Last Call! Join Us for Halloween Fun and Get Free Candy Bags!

On October 26-27, Urban Family will be spooking out Shanghais Archwalk Mall with a fun-filled, family-friendly Halloween gathering. This years event will cater to more than 5,000 kids and parents and its shaping up to be a spectacular weekend. The 2019 Urban Family Kids Halloween Weekend will feature a range of special performances, as well as tons of fun games for the little ones. Of course, there will be plenty of traditional All Hallows Eve activities, like pumpkin decorating and Halloween crafts.

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Part A: Get Candy Bags!

Where: Information Desk (1/F, by Starbucks)

When: Oct 26-27, 11am-5pm

RSVP through Archwalk, Thats Shanghai or Urban Family on WeChat to get a free candy bag from October 10 to 25. Registered attendees can collect one candy bag from 11am to 5pm by presenting your name and phone number. 

Limited capacity! First come, first served! 

Part A: 




Part B: Trick or Treat!

When: Oct 26-27

Lets go out! Little ones wearing Halloween costumes can go to designated stores in the shopping mall to trick-or-treat. Witchs rumor even has it that the more creative the costume, the better the chance youll have at earning even more delicious treats. More than 60 stores are ready to hand out candy!

Part B: 



Part C: Lets Party!

When: Oct 26-27, 11am-5pm

Where: Plaza

Meanwhile, there will be plenty of exciting activities at the main stage, including Halloween interactive games, slide shows and live music performances. Join us here for some spooky fun!

Part C: 

1026-27 1100-1700


Part D: Collecting & Gifts

When: Oct 26-Oct 27, 11am-5pm

Where: Information Desk (1/F, by Starbucks)

Attendees registered for the event via Archwalk, Thats Shanghai or Urban Family can get a Kids Halloween Passport for free. Collect certain stamps within two days to exchange for gifts.

Limited supply! For more details, please check the posters on site. 

Part D:

1026-27 1100-1700



Part E: Halloween Parade!

When: Oct 26-27, 3-4.30pm

Students from Shanghai will be dressed in their spookiest, silliest and craziest costumes for the Halloween parade at Archwalk Shanghai. You can join in or take photos. There will also be a costume competition for kids to show off their creativity. Winners will receive prizes!

Part E:

1026-27 1500-1630

Part F: Wacky Bazaar!

When: Oct 27-Oct 28, 11am-5pm

Where: 1/F walkway and stage

Walk around the bazaar for the opportunity to experience interesting activities and creative DIY workshops. Limited seats; first come, first served. It is sure to be a truly unique Halloween weekend at Archwalk Shanghai!

Part F:

1026-27 1100-1700



RSVP required - Scan the QR code below to RSVP NOW and get a free candy bag. 

Oct 26-27, 11am-5.30pm, free entry. Shanghai Archwalk, 179 Maotai Lu, by Loushanguan Lu , 179, .

Limited candy bags!

Reservation is required.

To RSVP, click Read More () below.