Would You Document Your Travels as Creatively as They Do?

Did you know that the Palace Museum in Beijing has begun selling ice cream?

It didnt take long for Chinese netizens to take it to their phone cameras and snap a few shots of those beautiful (and equally delicious) creations, which come at a very affordable RMB 10 a pop, with three different flavors.

Building on the success of the Palace Museum ice cream, the old Summer Palace in Beijing made an ice cream of its own with its distinctive lotus shape, which has become another internet sensation in no time!

And now, introducing The Zhengzhou Erqi Tower ice cream!

But thats not it. We also have the Flame Mountain palm leaf fan ice cream

Wuxi Lingshan Buddha palm ice cream

When we travel, we use different means to record the people we come across and meet the stories we experience and the scenery we observe.

Everyone has their own way of documenting their travels.

Have you ever thought of a new and fun way to document the glittering moments of your own trips?

Lets see how some of Chinas netizens have done it to get some inspiration ahead of the winter holidays!


Find the same place in real life.

Embroidery may have taken another level! It really requires you to have a certain foundation of craftsmanship and skills.

Using beautiful scenery as your background and holding each others hand makes for a beautiful and romantic photo that will forever remain engraved in your memory.

Funny zoom photos

The meaning of travel is not only to find beautiful places, but to also create beautiful memories and, in your own special way, to record every moment of it and embrace the journey.

How do you usually record your travels? Have you ever thought of a new and fun way to document the glittering moments that you spend with your loved ones or by yourself? Let us know in the comment section below!

Source: Weibo/ ins

Editor: Crystal Huang


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