Which Chinese Expression is Your Favorite? Foreigners Say....

Source: JobTube, Arianna J., Freya W., Josh B.

Whats the most impressive Chinese expression to you? Being asked this question, what will be your answer? In a show on Guangdong satellite TV, journalists interviewed several foreigners about it in the street, and many netizens found their replies both unexpected and amusing.

In the show, the news staff had random interviews with foreigners on the street on their impressions about China along with some other questions, among which, the question Which Chinese expression empresses you the most? literally stole the show as it got some cool replies.

1. 666

- "Which Chinese expression empresses you the most?"
- "666 !"

It was replied by a young man from Kyrgyzstan. Per him, 666 could be used in various occasions to describe a person's great performance, for example, when giving a good answer in class.

So, what does 666 mean?

The encyclopedic item of Baidu: 666 is an Internet buzzword, unlike its semantics in Western world, it is used to describe someone or something that is powerful and awesome in Chinese (mostly refers to good game playing).

2. Momoda ()

-  "Which Chinese expression empresses you the most?"
- "Momoda !"

It was the answer from an Indonesian man who had a Chinese girlfriend. He said his girlfriend told him that it could be used to express their feelings when they missed each other.

So, what does Momoda mean?

The encyclopedic item of Baidu: Momoda, a popular Internet phrase, is the homonym of "Mu a", originally it was used to describe how people kiss their children, and later is extended to the onomatopoeia of kissing with love and tender. It is also a perfect word to use when acting cute, for example, "Babe momoda !"

3. Mamahuhu ()

- "Which Chinese expression empresses you the most?"
- "Mamahuhu !"

It was answered by an extroverted young man who quickly fell into in his life in China. Shortly after arriving China, he learned the modesty of Chinese people and loved to reply Mamahuhu when receiving compliments.

The encyclopedic item of Baidu: Mamahuhu means not serious or careful, and is used to describe someones being careless. When receiving compliments, people say Mamahuhu to show their modesty. It can also mean so-so.

4. Wu()

- "Which Chinese expression empresses you the most?"
-"Wu !"

A young man from the Republic of Armenia, who was obsessed with Chinese Kung Fu, naturally answered Wu(), which means Wushu. Interestingly, the man said he didnt know much about Wu, but when performing Wing Chun to the news staff, it turned out it was just him being modest as he was pretty good at Wu.

5. Zhong fei yi jia qin ()

- "Which Chinese expression empresses you the most?"
- "Zhong fei yi jia qin !"

A young man from Madagascar liked the 2018 CCTV Spring Festival Gala sketch "Celebrate Ecstatically Together", and was most impressed by the sentence "the Chinese and African people are family-close ".

More Internet buzzwords

After watching the video, many netizens were amazed by the 666 level of Chinese of these foreign friends. They not only speak Chinese well, but also know internet buzzwords! In fact, second language acquisition is a natural process, learners just talk the talk and sometimes they even dont know they are using "Internet catchwords", in the other words, they dont realize what good Chinese speakers they have become! Does this happen to you too?

Below is a list of high-frequency Chinese catchwords, lets try it out!

The List

1. Nuan nan () : A caring guy / considerate guy (However, it can be used to describe a "playboy" or someone who chases multiple girls. Which is known as " - Air Conditioner".)

2. Jing dai le (): Stunned

3. Jin li (): A lucky dog

4. Guan xuan (): Officially announce / Official announcement
5. Kuai bei bi feng le() : being driven crazy
6. Zheng nengliang () :Positive energyFu nengliang (): Negative energy
7. Qiang fengtou () :Steal the show
8. Bi xin () : Finger heart
9. Pan ta (): Teach him a lesson
10. Zhu duiyou (): With friends like that, who needs enemies?
11. Wang yue che () : Ride hailing
12. Shuang shiyi () : Singles Day / Double 11
13. Tui qun (): Retreat group
14. Weixin pengyou quan () : WeChat Moments
15. Ju ying (): Childish adult
16. Gang jing (): Argumentative people
17. Xiao chengxu (): Mini program
18. Fouxi qingnian (): Buddha-like youngsters
19. Tang qiang (): Collateral Damage
20. Yue pao () : Casual sex / Sexual Hookup
21. Mingyun gongtong ti () : A community with a shared future
22. Bu wang chuxin () : Never forget why you start it
23. Xingfu shi fendou chulai de (): Happiness is achieved through hard work.
24. Shijie name da, wo xiang qu kan kan:The world is so big and I want to go see it.
25. Jiaokeshu shi(): Textbook style

Which ones do you say? And which Chinese expression empresses you the most? Please leave a comment below to let us know!