They Thought They Could Smoke E-Cigarettes, but Got Arrested

Two passengers on a passenger plane from Shanghai to Beijing were caught smoking e-cigarettes during taxiing at the brand new Beijing Daxing International Airport.

A preliminary investigation revealed that while Mr. Yan and Mr. Liu both admitted knowing that smoking during a flight was strictly against the law, they were unaware that they could not do so during taxiing, which led them to smoke their e-cigarettes on the plane in their seats.

According to the law, smoking e-cigarettes on a plane can result in administrative detention between five days and 10 days and a fine of more than RMB 500.

As a consequence, Mr.Yan and Mr.Liu were both detained for seven days.

According to the public security bureau of the Beijing capital airport, many e-cigarette users have been misled by the unclear classification of e-cigarettes, believing that such regulations do not ban e-cigarettes from being used and smoked in public spaces.

According to police officers, smoking e-cigarettes bears a potential safety hazard, particularly when its on a plane.

For starters, being in a closed environment spreads its harmful substances around and damages the environment and its occupants.

Secondly, the battery of an e-cigarette gets hot when used, which may cause fires or explosions in the event of the e-cigarette overheating.

Smoke detectors inside the aircraft are also very sensitive. Smoking e-cigarettes would trigger their alarms and cause severe disruptions to the operations of that aircraft and all the passengers on board.

Police reminder: smoking cigarettes, including e-cigarettes, and carrying flammable substances are strictly prohibited in commercial aircrafts, airport aprons, and inside terminals.

Source: CCTV

Editor: Crystal Huang

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