The 10 Types of People Who Use China's Internet

Source: ChinaDaily

China's online users reached 854 million in June, with more than 90 percent holding educational certificates less than a university bachelor's and over 70 percent earning a monthly income of less than 5,000 yuan ($702), according to a report released by the China Internet Network Information Center.

The number of online users in rural areas reached 225 million, accounting for 26.3 percent of total internet users, while urban residents made up 73.7 percent of users, accounting for around 630 million of the population.

The 540 million users who were not online mainly consisted of the rural population, due to lack of relevant skills and inadequate education.

Students, self-employed entrepreneurs and freelancers make up nearly half of China's online occupational structure, reaching 46 percent, while middle-and-high management personnel make up the nation's lowest proportion of online users at only 3.3 percent.

Here's the Type of People that Use China's Internet:

1) General staff in government organs and public institutions

Proportion: 3.0 percent

2) Migrant workers

Proportion: 3.3 percent

3) Retired people

Proportion: 4.3 percent

4) Skilled professionals

Proportion: 5.1 percent

5) Commerce and service industry

Proportion: 5.4 percent

6) Unemployed people

Proportion: 7.8 percent

7) Workers engaged in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery

Proportion: 8.1 percent

8) General staff in a company

Proportion: 8.5 percent

9) Self-employed entrepreneurs/Freelancers

Proportion: 20 percent

10) Students

Proportion: 26 percent