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One of the worst things a company can face is a lack of talented employees. A wrong person is sometimes synonymous with disaster, and great positions in your company need talented people to fill it.

But who is the best person for the position in your company?

Are you tired after hundreds of ineffective interviews?

Here, AnyJob could be a big help and get you out of these annoyances!

What is AnyJob?

AnyJob is a brand under AnyHelper that provides headhunting services to companies looking for foreign and bilingual talents. We've always followed the principle of high-end, efficient, and cost-effective services to our valued clients.

Foreign talent headhunting service

The service is specifically designed for foreign and domestic companies in China looking for foreign talents as well as Chinese students returning from abroad. Industries include (but are not limited to) marketing, sales, technology, design, and more.

In addition, AnyJob also provides foreign employee assignments and overseas direct recruitment services. We have recruited hundreds of foreign and overseas talents for dozens of companies including ZTE, FruitDay, and the Shanghai American Chamber of Commerce.

Foreign teacher recruitment service

The service is designed for international schools and foreign language training institutes. Our notable clients include Wall Street English, Eaton Kindergarten and Ailu Education Group. AnyJob has successfully helped our clients locate hundreds of foreign teachers who meet their specific job requirements. Teacher categories include language teachers, swimming instructors, physics and chemistry teachers, foreign kindergarten directors, and similar positions.

How is AnyJob different?

1. Free posting across multiple platforms

Positions will not only be published on our professional job-hunting WeChat public account, but also on dozens of foreigner WeChat groups that AnyJob operates alongside. AnyJob can also post jobs on other digital platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook at your request. This ensures maximum exposure to qualified candidates.

Best of all? Posting on our platforms is FREE. There are no purchase requirements for AnyJob headhunting packages just for job posting. We are happy to cooperate with you in your pursuit of talent!

2. Language support and translation

AnyJob provides translation services in English, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Chinese. The demands of translation accuracy will be met respectively. The range of accuracy can be specified from general down to having literal interpretations.

3. Thorough evaluation

The AnyJob database consists of motivated young professionals working in China. AnyJob values every candidates unique skills.

In addition to performing an in-depth assessment through interviews and job simulations, AnyJob also considers candidates' visa eligibility. Our reviewing process makes sure candidates can find a satisfying job and will have no work visa problems after signing on.

4. Work visa x discount

Many foreign job seekers realize theyre not able to work in China even after successfully finding an ideal job due to visa issues. Thats why AnyJob continues to help our candidates in the remaining process once theyre employed. AnyJob assists in China's work visa applications and expertly resolves any visa problems candidates might have.

Sign up for AnyJob visa services to receive up to a 50% off discount now! Talk with AnyJob specialist Dinor (see below) for more info.

5. Multicultural headhunters

AnyJob has a diverse team of headhunters from different backgrounds who are fluent in Chinese and multiple foreign languages and job platforms. Were not just familiar with the Chinese work culture We understand the needs of both domestic and foreign employers.

Benefits of hiring foreign staff?

There's a lot of them! If you're still wondering whether there are any advantages to hiring a foreign worker, AnyJob assures you that the benefits of recruiting foreigners are more than you can imagine - This article is being proofread by a foreigner at our company! Click HERE to learn all the advantages foreigners bring to the table!

How does AnyJob help companies?

The headhunting service is just a part of what AnyJob does. We also provide comprehensive support to our international clients in different ways.

One of AnyJob clients is a medical health training company from Israel. We not only successfully helped our client find an experienced country manager, but also helped establish a subsidiary company in China and provided professional and free marketing consulting assistance.

Who is eligible?

1. Chinese companies looking for foreign talents to work in China or overseas

2. Foreign companies looking for full-time employees

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