Next Time You Jaywalk, Cops May Have You Post This on WeChat

Guangzhou traffic police officers have been increasingly stringent on ensuring citizens abide by the law and to promote public safety.

Regulations stipulate that on-duty officers in the city of Guangzhou are required to stop and educate pedestrians and non-motor vehicle drivers acting illegally. Those who are pulled over by traffic officers are given a choice from 5 different repercussions:

1. Paying a fine between RMB 20 to RMB 50;

2. Writing out traffic safety rules on a paper once;

3. Volunteering to assist traffic police in maintaining traffic order at intersections for a short period and signing an agreement to do so with the officer;

4. Watching a traffic safety warning video for 20 minutes;


5. Sharing their illegal activity and location on either Weibo or WeChat Moments and waiting until they get 20 likes on their post.

On the morning of October 23, a man was busted riding his bike across the pedestrian zebra crossing, and got pulled over by traffic officers. When he was given a choice among the 5 above listed punishments, he chose the WeChat route.

His reason for choosing that one? Itll remind me and my friends of paying closer attention to traffic safety rules, he said.

Who knows It might become his most popular WeChat Moment post to date!

Editor: Crystal Huang


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