Adorable Giant Cat Statues Are Guarding the Palace Museum!

Just when you thought youd seen enough peculiar pop-ups and statues in China, heres another one for ya giant sculptures of adorable royal cats have recently called the short brick wall in front of the Taobao Experience Hall their new home!

The hall is located close to Shenwumen (Gate of Divine Prowess) at the Palace Museum in Beijing.

Although some of them look a little grumpy, we cant help but find them all so cute! Obviously, everyone passing by feels obliged to snap a selfie with those giant furry feline friends.

But dont let their cuteness fool you. This giant "imperial cat guard " might give you a hard time getting through and inside the palace walls if theyre smelling something fishy (pun intended). 

Check out those bums! Competing with our corgi friends for the cutest furry butts?

If youre a cat lover, then these statues are a must-see!

Have you seen them already? Any other animal statues that youve come across in your travels around China? 

Let us know in the comment section below right meow!

Source: IC photos/ people's daily

Editor: Crystal Huang

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