JobsFootball Coach| 10K - 15K RMB per month

Job description

The main duties and responsibilities 1 We are seeking qualified, experienced young learner football coach who can deliver effective and enjoyable lessons to our students aged 6 to 12 years old. 2 Complete the teaching work according to the syllabus and continuously improve the teaching quality. 3 Amateur/professional football background, able to patiently teach football skills. 4 Be responsible for the design of open courses and the formulation of standardized independent courses suitable for recruiting new students for free open demonstration to the outside world. 5 Keep good communication with students and timely feedback of students' classroom situation, increase their stickiness, and reduce the turnover rate. 6 Actively participate in teaching and research activities, teacher training and various open classes and main activities of the subject. 7 Work time: Mon-Fri 9-5. Other benefits: 1Vacation days: Chinese Lunar New Year (3 days in January or February), Labor Day (1st May), National Day (1st-3rd October.) , Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn Festival and Tomb-sweeping Day. All national holidays are off. The above are fully paid. 2House Allowance(2000RMB per month). Please provide to: - A recent photo - Resume -Football coach certificate - Copy of bachelor's degree which is authenticated by embassy - Copy of TEFL/TESOL Certificate or two years of work experience proof.


Job requirements : 1 Love football, good health, with football coach certificate. 2 At least 12  months of teaching experience with young learners   3 Good communication and expression skills, learning ability and teamwork spirit 4 Extroverted personality, adaptability, can deal with unexpected situations in the classroom.

Required Languages

Chinese, English

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