Internet Service Providers Causing Info Leaks May Face Jail!

Internet service providers (ISPs) refusing to fulfill their duty concerning information network security may face jail if they cause leaks of over 500 pieces of users' communication content, location, credit or property information in China, according to a judicial interpretation released Friday.

Suspects in such cases may be sentenced to imprisonment of less than three years, criminal detention or public surveillance and face fines, said the judicial interpretation by the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate.

Such punishment may also be imposed upon ISPs if over 5,000 pieces of information about users' residence, communication records, health conditions or payment records are leaked due to ISPs' refusal to maintain information network security as required by law.

People who have set up websites in the name of state organs or financial institutions to conduct illegal acts may be sentenced to less than three years in prison or criminal detention and face fines, said the judicial interpretation.

It also stipulates that criminals who refused to fulfill their duty of information network security, illegally used the information network or assisted in information network crimes can be banned from the industry.

Source: XInhua

Editor: Crystal Huang

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