Due to His Love, He Turned His Bride's Funeral Into a Wedding

Source: JobTube, Arianna J., Freya W., Josh B.

On October 20th, Xu Shinan, a man in Dalian, Liaoning, spent seven days in a funeral home after his wife, Yang Liu, died of breast cancer. Finally, he decided to turn the funeral into a wedding to fulfill Yang's last wish... His actions touched the hearts of many, and a live broadcast of the event was carried out.

Breast cancer at 28-years-old

On August 13th, 2007, Xu Shinan and Yang Liu met online. Their background of being born to a single parent, made both of them dependent on each other. In May 2012, Xu began focusing on the Mariculture of sea cucumbers. Yang accompanied him to Dongying, Shandong as to support him. They lived in a small house without toilet, heating, air conditioning and hot water for more than a year, due to this. In 2013, Xu's business improved, and in August of that year, they registered for a marriage certificate, on the six-year anniversary of their meeting.

At that time, Xu was going to hold a wedding ceremony to give Yang a stable life.

Unexpectedly, in November that year, Yang' s right breast began to ache. At the beginning of the examination, the doctor told them it might be hyperplasia.

However, in February 2014, her pain was unbearable. Knowing this, Xu took Yang to the Dalian railway hospital for another examination. The doctors of the hospital suspected that she had a benign tumor on her breast at first, but the pathological results showed that it was breast cancer. Thus, the doctor suggested a total excision but Yang refused. After eight hours of surgery, Xu and Yang reached a consensus that no matter what kind of result they would face, they would choose to keep her breasts and face it together. However, even though they had an operation, doctors said that Yang would only live for up to five years.

Anti-cancer star

In 2014-2016, Yang underwent chemotherapy eight times, as well as radiotherapy thirty-two times, and even underwent 1 year of targeted treatment. No matter how painful, she never cried and was always positive. She also changed her WeiBo name to "breast cancer CICI", published her treatment experience and mental journey online, helped more than 7000 patients around China who had the same experience as her, and encouraged everyone to face life actively. Even once, Yang was invited to CCTV to share her anti-cancer experience, but she felt that she didnt look good enough without any hair, so she politely refused. Xu said that because Yang wanted to have her best moment at the wedding, their wedding has postponed.

After two years of anti-cancer treatment, the cancer cells were under control. In 2017, after their joint efforts, they finally had their own new house in Dalian, so they began to prepare for the wedding. However, fate was always playing tricks on them...

In July 2018, Yangs left armpit began to cause her problems. After further examination, it was confirmed that the cancer had come back.
"To be honest, we all know that there would be such a day, but we didnt know that the disease would reoccur so quickly." Xu said so.

Full of wedding stuff in the shopping cart

Giving up on western medicine treatment for the second time at Yangs insistence, Xu took Yang to visit famous doctors all over the country, hoping to control the disease with traditional Chinese medicine.

"It was also a happy year for us to run around China, treating breast cancer and traveling at the same time." Xu said. In May 2019, they couldn't keep up with the development of Yangs disease. The cancer cells transferred to her bones, liver and other organs. In July, Yang sneezed, but could never stand up because of her bones fracturing. On October 6th, Yang went into a semi coma state and couldn't recognize anyone.

At 8:13PM, on October 14th, 2019, Yang's life was taken away by the disease, without her even saying a word....

After Yangs death, Xu looked through her Taobao shopping cart, which was full of wedding supplies and wedding dresses. Thus, he decided to wear the most beautiful wedding attire for Yang and hold a special wedding.

Flowers surrounded the beautiful bride

On the morning of October 20th, the wedding and funeral were held at the same time. Yang, who was lying in flowers and wearing the new wedding dress, Xu stood next to her, bowing to their parents. 169 pots of flowers were sent by patients throughout the country. In the farewell hall with two big projectors, a rolling broadcast was the beautiful pictures of Yang, was shown.

Everyone there had their heart strings pulled strongly. During her illness, she always told her family to never cry for her. Xu kept telling himself that at Yang's funeral, he would not cry. But, during her cremation, he completely collapsed.

"Today's wedding, though late, has also fulfilled the dream of Yang. All I can do is fulfill her wish. Let her put on the wedding dress and also fulfill my wish. " Xu said.