Could Westworld Season 3 Be Paying a Visit to Shanghai?

By Matthew Bossons

Okay, okay, so were fully aware that the trailer for the third season of HBOs Westworld has been out for over two months at this point after being released at Comic Con 2020 back in July, but were a busy bunch and just got around to watching it. But lets get down to brass tacks: After watching the first trailer for the hit shows third season, were excited to announce that it looks like at least one Westworld character is coming to China.

In the near-three-minute preview, Dolores the sweet farm girl turned badass robot revolutionary is shown grabbing a bevvy on what appears to be a Shanghai patio, with the mighty Shanghai Tower visible in the background.

Screengrab via HBO/YouTube

As far as we know, no scenes from Westworlds third season were shot in China, with TheWrap noting Singapore and Los Angeles as filming locations. It is possible that episodes were filmed in other destinations, though, or that some cheeky editing transported Dolores to Shanghai.

There have been numerous clues that China plays some kind of role in the shows events (Maeve chatting in Chinese with visitors to her saloon in the series premiere, among other examples) and much speculation amongst fans. And a visit to China makes sense, the show is popular here, with Westworlds second season receiving over 100 million views on QQ Video.

What is Chinas role in the series? And does Dolores actually visit Shanghai? We have no f*cking idea but were excited to find out more when season three debuts on HBO in the first half of next year.

Watch the trailer for the third season of Westworld below:

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[Cover image: screengrab via HBO/YouTube]

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