Indian tourist in China called out for being rude

The country has become either a significant springboard for aspiring travel vloggers or a must-visit destination for established ones to spice things up on their channels since China began facilitating measures for inbound travellers.

Since 2023, the majority of travel vloggers have reported a significant increase in the number of followers, views, likes, and discussions when they publish a travel vlog featuring China. 

The hashtag #ChinaTravel has already established itself as a key to the audience, and any video featuring this hashtag on TikTok or YouTube is almost certain to garner millions of views.

According to a travel vlogger, the content is irrelevant as long as the video quality is satisfactory, as individuals outside of China appear to have an insatiable appetite for content that contains China.

The Indian audience and vloggers are the most significant, according to the vlogger.

For this audience, the year has been quite reflective, as the majority of Indian vloggers have reported information that contradicts their audience's expectations.

All of the vloggers have reported positive messages, such as clean streets, polite and welcoming people, zero crime, check-in devices with multiple languages, including those used in India, and so forth.

One vlogger has reported that the sole peril one may encounter in China is the invasion of one's sense of smell by a plethora of skew meat aromas while jogging in the evening. Consequently, one may choose to postpone their exercise in favour of an evening of barbecue eating.

Nevertheless, an Indian influencer with over 200,000 followers on YouTube has been unable to captivate her audience during her most recent visit to China. Netizens from both China and abroad have characterised her as impolite, uncouth, and mannerless.
What transpired?

Jo exchanged currency, acquired a SIM card, and engaged in conversation with individuals as soon as she arrived in China. Everything went according to plan.

Nevertheless, she abruptly declared in the video that "Chinese individuals are unable to communicate in English."

Despite being aware that she is in a country with its own official language, she continued to emphasise the same phrase in the videos she posted on her channel, leaving no one able to understand its significance.

However, she was only just beginning. She would also complain about the lack of vegetarian options in China when she went to dine or drink coffee. She advised her countrymen to remember to bring their own food when they travelled to China.

In an additional video, she captured herself entering a clinic and began filming patients who were receiving an IV infusion without their permission. Despite the staff's instructions to cease photography, she continued to capture the interior of the clinic.

In the same video, we observed Jo sipping coffee in a luxury hotel. When she was about to pay the bill (30 yuan), she produced a 100 yuan note (approximately 9 yuan) and presented it to the server.

She was conversing in her native language rather than English, leaving the waiter confused and unsure of what to do.

Jo recorded herself making light of the situation, as if she had just accomplished something worthy of celebration, when the waiter took the bill and proceeded to the counter.

People were perplexed as to why she would do this, as she had already exchanged money upon her arrival. This was especially true when she used a quantity that was insufficient to pay for the coffee.

The final outcome regarding whether she paid for the coffee remains unknown.

Initially, you may have assumed that this was a common occurrence, as she was merely kidding. However, you are in for a shock, as the incident that ensued was nothing more than her clearing her throat, leaving many individuals feeling even more uneasy.

In another video, she observed a woman operating an electric bicycle and ascended onto it without hesitation. Then she continued to speak in her native language while pointing in a particular direction. The woman continued to point fingers in a specific direction when she informed her that she did not comprehend her words.

The woman declined to transport her, claiming that she was not travelling on the same path as her. However, Jo also refused to dismount from her bicycle. Only after a traffic officer stopped them for Jo's failure to wear a helmet, and the woman attempted to explain to the police that they were not acquainted, did Jo take off.

As she was departing, she did not express apologies or gratitude to the woman she had inconvenienced, nor did she compensate her for the journey (assuming she mistook her for a motorbike taxi driver).

Subsequently, when she wished to use shared bicycles, a pedestrian informed her that she was required to submit a 200-yuan deposit via the application. Jo did intend to deposit the money; however, she instead stole another individual's bicycle and fled with it. 

In an additional video, she requested that the driver wait for her outside the restaurant while she ingested food inside it.

Netizens also discovered that Jo would compel taxi drivers to disclose their true identities and subsequently record their true names and job IDs in the video. Jo would publish the video online without redacting any unnecessary information.

In order to secure a seat by the window, Jo requested that a passenger exchange seats with her while travelling on a high-speed train. She did not even express gratitude when they exchanged seats.

What is even more concerning is that, in all of the instances in which she has boarded a public transport in China, netizens have claimed that she has not paid a single cent or has not recorded herself doing so.

She pretended to be unable to understand the bus driver's request for payment. She continued to holler at the driver, requesting that he deliver her to her destination, despite the fact that buses have designated bus stations.

That evening, she encountered a drive-away service driver who had recently collected a client. She proceeded to open the car door and capture footage of the vehicle's interior without obtaining his consent.

Additionally, she captured footage of the clients in the vehicle, which caused them to be frightened as she screamed in her native language while filming the backseat.

These are merely a few of the actions that Jo took.

Those who watched Jo's recordings had a number of questions: What message was she attempting to convey? What was the reason for her journey to China?

Nevertheless, some netizens speculated that she may be from a "high-class" family in India, which would explain her behavior as a spoiled brat who does not care about others or the norms.

Here are some observations from a global audience.

"The British instructed you in English, but they did not instruct you in the principle of respecting others."

"When you arrive in Italy, people will insist that you communicate in Italian with them in their country, and they will also not tolerate your impolite behavior."

"I trust that she will exhibit the same level of courage when she visits the United States in the future."

"I am extremely uneasy watching her video; has she purchased the bus ticket?" What was her motivation for jumping onto an unknown person's vehicle without obtaining permission? 

The woman repeatedly stated that she was unaware of the contents of the woman's statement and was unable to decline due to her benevolence. He exhibited a lack of respect, was self-centred, and failed to adhere to the norms.

"You are a rude tourist who makes fun of the friendly locals and feels very self-satisfied." You made a stranger pay for your bike, but you did not even pay for the bus ride! Unbelievably callous.
"Ensure that you have a bus ticket before you embark on your journey!" You will face a fine of 60 euros if you enter Europe without a permit.

A netizen's comment summarized the situation most succinctly:
"You have effectively exhibited the friendliness of the country you vi