Foreigner Detained for Drunken Disruption on Flight

Source: OT-Team(G),新京报
  According to The Beijing News on July 2nd, recently, a drunken passenger caused a disturbance on a flight, ignoring the advice and dissuasion of the crew, and ultimately being lawfully detained by the Beijing Capital International Airport Public Security Bureau.
  On June 12th, the Beijing Capital International Airport Bureau received a report from the airport's operations control center about an incident on a flight from Brussels to Beijing. A foreign passenger was suspected of being drunk and causing trouble, refusing to heed the crew's dissuasion and seriously disturbing cabin order.

  Upon receiving the report, the police from the West Terminal Police Station of the Beijing Capital International Airport Bureau quickly deployed to the scene. Investigation revealed that the foreign passenger, identified as Mr. A, had been drinking with friends before the flight. Once the plane reached cruising altitude, he took a bottle of alcohol from his bag and drank it entirely, then began seeking out crew members to "buy more alcohol."

  The crew, noticing his apparent intoxication, denied his request. Mr. A, upon being refused, started yelling loudly in the cabin. Fellow passengers attempted to calm him down, but he continued to create a disturbance. Security personnel on the flight arrived to intervene, but Mr. A refused to cooperate. The crew then followed procedure and restrained him. Despite being restrained, Mr. A repeatedly tried to break free, yelling and speaking incoherently.After the plane landed, police summoned Mr. A, and an alcohol test confirmed he was intoxicated. 

  After waking up from drinking, Mr. A confessed to his illegal behavior without hesitation. The Beijing Capital International Airport Bureau, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "The Law of the People's Republic of China on Penalties for Administration of Public Security," imposed an administrative detention on Mr. A.