DQ China Launch 1st Burger Restaurant in Shanghai

Beloved quality Western fast food brand Dairy Queen (DQ) has launched its first burger restaurant in China, DQ Blizzard & Burgers, located on Wujiang Lu, just off Nanjing Xi Lu and opposite Taikoo Hui.

Over three years in the making, some seriously extensive consumer research has gone into the venture, a joint team from DQ's Minneapolis headquarters and CFB Group in Shanghai whittling down some 70 burger recipes, refining them for the Chinese market through eight rounds of consumer taste tests.

The result is a menu of five beef burgers – including a Shanghai-exclusive Spicy Soy Sauce Beef Burger, catering to local consumer preferences – and one chicken burger, all adhering to a 5:3:2 'golden ratio' of meat, bun and salad, respectively.