100 Years Ago : What Did Foreigners Buy in 1920s Shanghai?

Source: OT-Team(G),China Press

  The China Press, a newspaper jointly founded by China and the United States, was officially launched in 1911. Nearly a century ago, on March 1, 1925, it published an article detailing the purchasing habits of foreigners in Shanghai at that time.

In Grandmother's Day
  They wore taffetas that lasted life time and the only reason we grandchildren haven't been doing the same thing, is because up to the time we came to China, we couldn't buy silk that would last more than a brief season of general wear. It's different out here. You'll find that the taffetas, brocades, crepe de chines which you buy from Laou Kai Fook, 23 Kiukiang Road, will keep their lustre as long as a bit is left.
  Qualịty is the foundation on which this silk shop has builded its reputation, which is known around the world.
  And we have an advantage that Grandmother didn't——we can make our selections from colors that were never dreamed of in those days. Soft, delicate tints and splashing vivid shades. The new printed silks have arrived, by the way, and if you are in search of something different, you will find it at Laou Kai Fook's.