Woman Who Prevented Attack on Foreigners Sadly Passes Away


Source: OT-Team(G),中新网

  On June 24th around 4 PM, Hu Youping encountered a violent incident at the Xindi Center bus stop in Suzhou High-Tech Zone, where she bravely intervened as she saw someone wielding a knife. Tragically, she was stabbed multiple times by the perpetrator and despite rescue efforts, she succumbed to her injuries.

  Hu Youping demonstrated exceptional bravery and selflessness by intervening in a situation where others were in serious danger, confronting criminal behavior to prevent further harm. Her actions exemplified noble qualities of fearlessness and upholding justice, significantly promoting positive societal values.
  On June 27th, Suzhou Public Security Bureau issued a public announcement recommending the municipal government to posthumously award Hu Youping the title of "Suzhou City Role Model for Courageous Action."