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With more than 10 years of presence in the market,  JobTube has been providing numerous services on the WeChat platform. From news and recent events, to city-specific groups for apartment searching, business networking, events sharing, hobbies meet-ups and emerging technologies networking. 

JobTube has certainly touched almost every aspect affecting foreigners residing in China. One area where JobTube particularly excels in, is providing a convenient way for foreigners to find and secure jobs. 

However, there is an endless amount of websites that serve this purpose, which makes the process for job-seekers ever-more tiring and time-consuming. 

Many platforms only serve to specific industries such as education, while others barely have few jobs per week or with thousands of jobs that got expired but never removed. This is where JustJobs Tube steps in, with the hopes to cater to this much-needed transformation. 

JustJobs Tube

The initiative, which began in September of 2018, has proven simple and effective. The cheap one-time payment required to access one WeChat group with almost all jobs for foreigners under one place, has drawn over 3200+ paid members.

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According to data analyzed by the team, the average job-seeking foreigner in China will only have access to 10-20 applicable jobs/month, those with greater access to social media can have access of up to 50-70 non-teaching jobs / month, which obviously is a miniature figure. JustJobs Tube however, has been able to put together and source jobs from all around the country through headhunters, employers, job sites, job fairs, various WeChat groups including 270 JobTube groups as well as from Linkedin and Facebook. 

With more than 400 job-posting locations seeking foreigners & over-seas talent, gaining dominance in the market share is a challenge, both in terms of time and cost. Fortunately, JobTube has formulated an innovative solution to the problem; Concentrating all of these resources into one cumulative platform – JustJobs Tube, currently featuring between 800-1200 new non-teaching jobs/month. 

Examples of jobs from the group: 



Saving the end-users enormous amounts of time and hassle of browsing through endless resources, which are mostly filled with teaching jobs, JustJobs Tube provides an affordable alternative , for merely ¥199 per year (¥16.5/month)! For recruiters, posting job features is absolutely free of charge, upon verification with the group administrator.

The annual fee is currently offered at: ¥199 per year (¥16.58/month), 

3-month subscription is offered at ¥99 and ¥59 for one month. 

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Features & Content

Featured jobs are currently composed of 85%-90% from within China, with the remainder being outside of, but with relation to China. Positions are available for all formal types of employment, including full-time, part-time, internships, and even home-based work and freelance. There are mostly no limitations to demographics, with 80%-85% of jobs being suitable for both expats, as well as overseas Chinese.

Security & Reliability 

Another area of great-importance for the platform, is filtering out fraudulent and unverified content, to better guarantee reliable and safe results for users, free of scams. With the verification system still being under development, the current state of affairs utilizes the hard-work of group moderators and administrators actively and thoroughly checking upon the jobs being posted by recruiters in groups.

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Seeking employment is already a hard-enough task in one's country, and can especially become an unnecessary hassle when living abroad. With so many employers seeking foreign talent, the only true barrier separating the two is the lack of an efficient and resourceful platform which effectively connects interested parties, and filters out undesirable distractions. 

JustJobs Tube is actively paving the way for the future of job-search in China, so be sure to be a part of it! 

...and needless to say, if you are searching for a non-teaching job, internship or a full/part-time job, never miss the opportunity to join. 

So how does it work: 

1) Subscribe to enter this Wechat group using the below QR code

2) After you subscribe, you'll get an order page with QR code of the group admin. Add the admin and screenshot the order page. 

Payment Order You'll get after you subscribe and pay

3) The admin will invite you to the group upon receiving the order page.  

4) 30-50 Jobs will be shared on every single working day. Almost all jobs come with a direct contact info (email, WeChat ID, telephone no.), so you may choose the jobs relevant to your skills and submit your resume directly. 


If the above information wasn't convincing, I invite you to continue reading and view more users feedbacks and screenshots from the group  


If you cannot subscribe using the QR code or cannot log in due to not having Chinese phone numbers, please contact the below QR code for assistant: